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The essence of Japanese leather wallets lies in their unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each piece is a blend of traditional techniques and modern aesthetics, embodying a unique cultural heritage.

Renowned for their durability, these wallets gracefully age, developing a rich patina that adds to their character. With functionality in mind, they offer a seamless fusion of style and practicality, making them an ideal accessory for discerning individuals seeking quality and elegance in their everyday essentials.



Cocomeister is a relatively new Japanese leather goods brand established in 2011. The brand is characterized by its use of high-quality European leather and handcrafted by skilled Japanese artisans. The product line includes wallets, bags, and accessories, all featuring elegant and sophisticated designs.

The quality of Cocomeister’s products is evident in the choice of premium materials, meticulous stitching, and edge finishing, reflecting the craftsmanship in every detail. Additionally, the use of high-quality leather for interiors enhances the comfort and usability of the products.

Cavallo Series

Cavallo Series wallets

The Cavallo Series from Cocomeister utilizes the brand’s original “Ciare Leather,” making its designs unique and exclusive to Cocomeister. The texture and the designs, which are modern yet exude a masculine appeal, have garnered high satisfaction levels.

These wallets are popular for their versatility, suitable for both formal and casual settings. Within the series, Cavallo Shinba stands out for its presence and functionality, making it particularly attractive. These wallets are recommended for those who are concerned about maintaining shape over time and for those who seek distinctive design elements.


CYPRIS's wallets

Cypris (CYPRIS), headquartered in Sumida, Tokyo, is an original brand established in 1995 by Morpho Co., Ltd. The brand offers a range of leather accessories and bags, made from materials like Cordovan, bridle leather, and calf, known for their high quality.

The brand name Cypris is derived from the Cypris Morpho, considered one of the most beautiful butterflies in the tropical rainforests of Central and South America.

The brand’s concept is “creating items of lasting essential value,” focusing on high aesthetic standards and striving for top-quality craftsmanship in its products. Many of the items involve a high degree of handcrafting, with handmade ratios exceeding 70% in general, and over 90% in their most premium series.



The URUSHI series on the Cypris website features unique leather goods, showcasing the beauty of gradient colors created through hand-painted lacquer techniques. This series employs a distinctive method to apply lacquer to leather, a technique developed by Kiso Hirazawa-based “Mikuu Urushi Craft.”

Typically, lacquer is used on hard materials, but this unique approach allows for its application on soft leather without cracking. Each item is individually hand-painted with natural lacquer, resulting in unique coloration and texture, making each product one-of-a-kind. The series demonstrates the vibrant and evolving beauty of lacquer on high-quality leather, creating an exclusive range of leather goods.



bridle leather

Crafsto, established in 2020, is a Japanese brand specializing in leather goods. The brand is distinguished by its gender-neutral, timeless designs, and a focus on durability and beauty that evolves over time.

Its wallets, made with a unique method that adds robust reinforcements, are known for their durability. The primary leathers used are Bridle, Shell Cordovan, and Nebraska (Italian Leather), each of the highest quality.

Crafsto values the concept of “ultimate sustainability through long-term use” and prioritizes timeless design. It also offers a lifetime free repair guarantee, part of Crafsto’s commitment to creating leather wallets that can be used for over a decade.


Yuhaku's wallets

Yuhaku (YUHAKU) is a Japanese brand known for its beautifully gradient-colored leather products. Their items are crafted with multiple layers of hand-dyed colors by skilled dye artisans, giving them an artistic quality.

Yuhaku’s products are not only visually appealing but also highly functional, featuring bill compartments with gussets, card slots, and zipper coin pockets. The zippers use the highest quality “Excella,” and the card slots have a curved design for easy access.

In Conclusion

Many of the wallets featured today come from relatively new brands in Japan. However, they certainly do not fall short in comparison to the more established names.

Our site aims to provide vivid and up-to-date information about domestic Japanese products.

While there are many excellent items out there, we particularly focus on those that might not immediately catch the eye.

Personally, I have a fondness for Urushi (Japanese lacquer) and plan to see and purchase it in a physical store.

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