Top 9 Best Japanese Vodkas( HAKU and More)


Japanese vodka is an interesting and emerging category in the spirits world. One of the notable examples is the “HAKU” by Suntory Spirits, a Japanese craft vodka. This vodka is distinct in its use of 100% Japanese rice as the primary ingredient.

Typically, vodka is made from ingredients like barley, wheat, rye, or potatoes, but HAKU utilizes Japanese rice, which is fermented with rice koji to create the mash. The spirit is then distilled in pot stills, followed by additional distillation processes to enhance the aroma and add depth to the flavor.

Uniquely, this vodka is filtered through bamboo charcoal, a departure from the typical use of birch charcoal. This method is believed to contribute to a clearer and softer taste profile. The packaging of HAKU reflects Japanese aesthetics, with the bottle featuring a design that symbolizes a sparkling stream and a label adorned with calligraphy, symbolizing the flavor of white rice​​.

HAKU Vodka


HAKU vodka is described as having a gentle sweetness and a soft aroma derived from rice. When tasted neat, it offers a rounded mouthfeel with a slight sweetness in the aftertaste. Despite its high alcohol content of 40%, it’s noted for its smooth and easy-drinking quality​​.

In addition to HAKU, there are several other notable Japanese vodka brands:

Okuhida Vodka


Made in the Okuhida region, this vodka is known for its clean taste, suitable for various serving styles including neat, on the rocks, or mixed. It has a high alcohol content of 55%​​.

Discover a rare vodka crafted from rice by Okuhida Shuzo, a brewery with over 300 years of sake-making history in Hida Kanayama. Unlike typical grain-based vodkas, this rice vodka, distilled continuously and filtered through ‘Shirakaba’ charcoal, retains a subtle sweetness reminiscent of rice shochu.

Its smooth flavor appeals to both hard liquor enthusiasts and others. Enjoy it chilled straight from the freezer in a shot glass, as a cocktail base, or simply mixed with citrus juices. Explore and find your favorite way to enjoy this unique rice-born spirit!

Aioi Unibio’s Ao no Umi ( Blue Sea )


This stylish vodka is made from sugarcane and is filtered through white birch charcoal. It’s noted for its clear taste, making it ideal for cocktails​​​​.

Experience the pure essence of Okinawa with our vodka, distilled from locally grown sugarcane and meticulously filtered through domestic white birch charcoal.

Crafted to capture the clarity of a crystal-clear sky, this all-Japanese vodka offers a transparent and refreshing taste. Perfect for savoring straight, on the rocks, or as a versatile cocktail base.

Meiri Shurui’s Wa Vodka


This vodka has an alcohol content of 40% and is a product of Meiri Shurui​​.

Introducing a Japanese-style vodka, embodying the essence of ‘Wa’ (harmony). This Wa Vodka, carefully filtered through select domestic white birch charcoal, boasts an exceptionally clear taste. It’s an ideal base for cocktails. Enjoy the high quality of this Japanese Wa Vodka, a testament to Japan’s finesse in spirits.

Nikka Coffey Vodka


From the renowned whisky producer, this vodka is known for its quality and has won top awards in its category​​.

Nikka Coffey Vodka is a flavorful and textured spirit, embodying a unique blend of mystery and precision from Coffey distillates. Independently refined corn and grain, each with subtle differences in alcohol strength and flavor profiles, are expertly blended and then purified with white birch charcoal.

This results in a vodka with fiery notes, rich sweetness, and a smooth texture, capturing the exquisite totality offered by Coffey stills. As a pure representation of Nikka Whisky’s iconic Coffey distillation, this sophisticated vodka offers a very smooth and delicate taste of distilled corn and barley.

The minimal filtration through white birch charcoal enhances its character. Tasting notes reveal a soft, expansive feel with aromas of cereal flakes and a clean finish, devoid of any harsh edges, likened to the comfort of a goose-down duvet. A truly special vodka experience.

Wilkinson Vodka by Nikka Whisky


This vodka, with an alcohol content of 50%, is another product from Nikka Whisky​​.

Wilkinson Vodka from Nikka Whisky showcases the expertise honed over years of spirit production. Carefully filtered through white birch charcoal, it achieves a light taste with a smooth drinking experience.

Characterized by a subtly sweet, mellow, and clean finish, it’s delightful on its own and versatile in various mixers.

Suntory Vodka 80 Proof
Suntory Vodka 80 Proof-japanese-vodka


A vodka with an alcohol content of 40%, made by Suntory Spirits​​.

A vodka distinctively finished with careful filtration through white birch and unique charcoals, resulting in a crisp aroma. Its high mixability makes it exceptionally compatible with a variety of mixers.

Swinging Doors Vodka
Swinging Doors Vodka-japanese-vodka


A vodka with 40% alcohol content, produced in Hyogo Prefecture​​.

A unique spirit born from rice, using the soft water from the brewery’s underground sources for dilution.

Filtered through white birch charcoal, this process imparts the distinct taste of birch, blending a unique sweetness and roundness into this rice vodka.

Kiyos Craft Vodka from Aichi Prefecture


This vodka is also made from rice and has an alcohol content of 40%​.

Vodka, alongside gin, tequila, and rum, is one of the world’s four major spirits. Typically made from grains like barley, rye, or potatoes, it’s distilled and then filtered through white birch charcoal. Vodka is known for its lack of distinct taste, making it a popular base for cocktails.

‘Aichi Craft Vodka Kiyos’ is uniquely made from ‘rice’, a staple Japanese agricultural product. Its distinct filtering process results in a vodka with a subtle taste yet an elegant and delicate aroma, complemented by a rich body. It pairs wonderfully with citrus as a cocktail base, where its refined scent beautifully complements the acidity of citrus fruits. Enjoy this 100% Japanese rice-made craft vodka in your preferred style.

Japanese vodka is characterized by unique production methods and ingredients, reflecting the country’s meticulous approach to craftsmanship and a keen attention to quality and detail. This burgeoning category in the spirits world offers a unique taste experience influenced by traditional Japanese ingredients and techniques.

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